Two Rides, Two Runs.


Yesterday I headed out for a lunch run to keep the running streak going. My knee had (yes, past tense. bummer) been feeling a bit better so I hoped to get more than just a mile in. My goal was 3. I made it about 2.5. My Garmin reads two because I stopped it at a street light and forgot to turn it back on. The knee wasn’t into it after about a mile and a half. So frustrating.


Oh and I couldn’t find a bobby pin, so I had to get creative with keeping my hair back. Paper clip worked just fine until I had to take it out. I might have a bald spot now. Am I the only crazy that uses office supplies as accessories? Or have you done it too? 


Mountain Bike Ride

Since it was Thursday, that meant it was T.I.T.S. ride night! I haven’t been out with this group in quite a while, so I was pumped to ride. We rode from Ironworks, of course, and then hit up Green Mountain. Evan and I didn’t bring lights so our ride was a bit shorter than everyone else’s but it was super fun. I was pumped to be climbing strong and generally riding really well. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and Green Mountain had tons of bright wildflowers in bloom. We rarely ride Green Mountain in the summer or in the daytime so it was a bit of a surprise how pretty it was up there.

After climb numero dos, we stopped for a snack and most had a beer. I carried the beer all the way up there, but I didn’t drink mine. Made for a nice photo though. Actually, that was Evan’s and it did get drank. And he took all the photos too.

My Garmin died part way through the ride, but here is our route from Evan’s Strava. He and I covered a little over 13.5 miles and climbed 2,160 feet in about an hour and a half.



Even though we got home at almost midnight and I was feeling a little less than 100% from the post-ride beers, I got my butt out of bed and hit bootcamp at the rec center. The awesome thing about bootcamp in the summer is that we go outside! This morning’s class was a lot of running. I definitely covered more than my mile during class, but my knee was killing me. The morning was beautiful and I just felt luck to be there enjoying the views of Lookout Mountain with the perfect blue sky.

Commute to Work

Annnnnd then, I showered off quick did a wardrobe change and jumped on the road bike to ride to work. Even though the ride is primarily downhill my legs felt it. They’re a little tired. For good reason I suppose. Regardless, I love commuting it is an awesome way to start the day.


Almost the weekend and playtime!

Do you use Strava?

I’m a Strava newbie but Evan is really in to it. I’m hoping to learn. I think it could be addicting though.