The Moose Is Loose.

Hello from Angel Fire, New Mexico!

When I got home from work last night we packed the truck in record time and blasted out-of-town for the long weekend. This is weekend is traditionally the first weekend of lift-served downhill mountain biking at Angel Fire and I’m pretty sure all of Colorado’s Front Range downhilling community makes the trip to ride. Seriously, with the number of people here you’d think we were only an hour from home.

Roadside Meal

Since we got on the road and didn’t really have time to prep anything for dinner we decided to stop on the way. The only problem, there really isn’t anywhere good to stop. About an hour an a half into our drive Evan recalled little burger stand that we could stop at in one of the small towns. When we hit Jefferson, we saw it. The Moose Caboose.


Nothing fancy. Not healthy. But actually pretty darn delicious. I had a chili cheese dog and hand cut french fries. Super healthy, I know. I felt like I deserved it since I barely ate lunch yesterday. Evan had Train Wreck burger with every topping imaginable and the burger itself was really good. You can’t beat fresh meat on a burger. This roadside meal was a little tough (read: messy) to manage while we were cruising down the road, so I didn’t capture a photo of it.

We arrived in Angel Fire super late last night, but ended up staying up even later chatting with friends that were already here. I don’t think I retired until 3am!

Downhilling: Day 1

With the late night, we also had a later morning and took our time making breakfast, getting ready, and getting on the hill.

I am such a nervous Nelly when it comes to getting back into something after some time off, so today being my first day on the downhill bike since last summer was no different. We rode with some friends and kept it super chill for the first couple of runs. Then started to take on more challenging runs as I got warmed up and more comfortable. I do get comfortable more and more quickly each season which is cool. Today I rode things that last year, even after a few days or riding, I would be really nervous and hesitant to ride.

unfortunately, I don’t take my phone or camera with me on the bike, so I don’t get to capture a lot of pictures of me riding, but I’d like to get some before the end of the weekend!

They stopped running the lift because it is super windy, so I cut my day a little shorter than I would have liked, but I still have tomorrow and Monday!

Now, it is time to relax and enjoy this hoppy red ale from Marble Brewery here in New Mexico. Their IPA is a fav, but this isn’t far behind.