Telluride: Day 1

For the third weekend in a row I’m on a mini vacation in the mountains. This time to one of my favorite mountain towns, Telluride. I had never been here, but this town, and more specifically the Tim McGraw song about it, is one of the reasons I moved to Colorado.

We were here last year for the same race, Full Tilt in Telluride, but I spent a lot of my time in Mountain Village. This year, we’re staying in town and one of Evan’s friend’s girlfriend is here too, so I have a buddy.

Telluride is nestled on the valley floor in a box canyon so there is one year-round way in and out of the town.


At the end of the canyon is the largest waterfall in Colorado, Bridal Veil Falls. Although I have been to Telluride several times I have never been up to the falls, so I made the trek up to the falls Saturday morning. We got caught in some rain and the sky wasn’t Colorado blue but it was still incredible.


The hike/bike/drive up to the base of the falls from the Pandora mill is a little less than 2 miles, so as far as hikes go, it is extremely easy. The 365 foot falls are the largest free-falling waterfall in Colorado.


You can continue the additional half of a mile or so to the top of the falls where the power plant is. To the top, the elevation gain is about 1,200 feet. We couldn’t go to the house at the top or even down toward the top of the falls because it was closed for construction.

There were tons of waterfalls in New York growing up so I’m not usually that impressed by them, but these are truly awe-inspiring. It is no surprise that they were used in commercials to promote visiting Colorado.

The trail didn’t end at the top of the falls, so I did a very short trail run up a bit higher. The trail got steeper and rockier, but the scenery remained amazing. There were several little waterfalls all around and the wildflowers were gorgeous.


All the way down the hike there were stunning views of Telluride tucked into the valley. The sheer rock walls, vibrant red rock, and rugged mountains are so unique to the south western portion of Colorado.


We finished out the hike hungry, with sore feet, and in a steady cold rain. Just as we finished we got word that the boys had finished up their race practice and were at the local brewpub, Smuggler Joe’s, for a snack and a beer. That sounded amazing to both of us, so it didn’t take us long to put on dry clothes and get our tired butts there. Luckily it is less than one block from our condo. I had a Debauchery which was a Belgian Tripel and it was excellent. And strong.


After a snack and some rest a friend and I took public transportation a.k.a. the gondola to Mountain Village which is basically up and over the mountain. The Town of Mountain Village is new development and serves as the main base area for the ski resort. It is a drastic difference from the town of Telluride.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the views from the Gondola. The mountain below falls steeply away, you get a peek at the end of the canyon, you’re staring at red rock cliffs straight on, all wall watching the already small town of Telluride shrink from view.


Believe it or not there area couple 4×4 road that go up and over that ridge and mountain bike trails that come down it into town.


After a quick tour of Mountain Village we took the gondola back to the midway point, the peak of the ridge, and wandered into a mountain top restaurant, Allreds, for a fancy drink. Just as we finished our drink, the boys called and we caught up with them to jump back on the gondola and head back to Town.

As I look around this town it is no wonder that people will do anything to live here and celebrities have been flocking here more and more recently. It is such a unique town with an incredible historic, but trendy vibe.

Off to savor more of this incredible town.

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere without having ever been there?