Summer Skiing

June rolled into the Front Range with bright sun, blue skies and temps in the 70s. Sounds perfect, right? Well, we ditched out on the perfect summery weather and headed to the mountains to get a little more winter.

Saturday we buzzed up to A-Basin for a few hours on what was their anticipated closing weekend, but thanks to a late-season (um, summer season?) storm, they had gotten nearly a foot of snow earlier in the week and are extending their season for at least one more weekend.


The conditions were the best summer skiing conditions I’ve had in Colorado. The temps were warm, no wind, sunshine, and plenty of slushy bumps at the bottom. The top on the other hand was so far from slush. It was perfect soft snow. You’d have never guessed it was June 1st.


Not only were we stoked to get up there to tick off skiing in another month this year and enjoy the summer conditions, but we also retrieved our mugs! Thank goodness we went because the 6th Alley Bar isn’t open next weekend, so our mugs would have been long-gone.


We didn’t use or mugs nearly as much as we’d hoped, but definitely still love having them.

Cheers to summer skiing!