Until this weekend, my Mother had never had a s’more! Can you believe that? Although they had probably been around for much longer, the first s’mores recipe was published in the Girl Scout Handbook in 1927, so they were certainly around well before my Mom was a youngster.


I have a feeling now that they have an outdoor fire pit, she is about to make up for all of the years of her life that she didn’t have s’mores.


While I can’t say I have never had s’mores I can say, I’ve probably never had s’mores so fancy and smelled so little like campfire after having them.

We had quite the assortment of items for our s’mores including three kinds of gourmet handmade marshmallows – chocolate chili, toasted coconut, and rosewater. The marshmallows were from Bang Candyin Nashville, TN and were given to my Dad as a Christmas gift with this purpose in mind. It was my first experience with handmade gourmet marshmallows and I may never be able to go back.

Don’t worry, we still had plain old marshmallows too. Not only did we have chocolate, but we also had Chocolate Cappuccino spread and peanut butter.


My Mom started with a plain old s’more. It was tough to just how much she liked it, but I do know she thought it was messy!


We each made a variety of combinations. Of course none of them were bad. I think Evan’s were the most extravagant.


Then we had to try the marshmallows on their own also. We compared favorite ways to eat a toasted marshmallow. My preference is to char the outside, eat the outside, then char the next layer, eat it, and so on.


The big winner for marshmallows was the chocolate chili. I could have eaten the entire bag. Just enough spice to keep me wanting more.

Have you ever made gourmet s’mores? What are you favorite s’more fillings?