One Year

A year ago today I started this little blog of mine. I had some loose direction as to where I wanted it go, what I would blog about and how often I would blog. I’m pretty sure I have strayed from all of those and still don’t have a much clearer direction. For now, it is my place to share anything and everything, but I mainly try to keep it to healthy living related stuff like running, cycling, hiking, other adventures, travel and foodie stuff. I have no idea where it will go in the future, but it is something I truly enjoy and has become therapeutic for me, so I think it will stick around for a while.

30-Day Challenge Update

It has been about 10 days since I set my challenges so I am a bit overdue for an update.

Running: Sadly, I had to give it up. My knee was not getting better even with only one easy mile per day. The last I ran, until today, was about a week ago I think. My body needed it and there was just no sense in pushing myself to get through only one mile, because that is all I could tolerate, day after day.

I would love to add a new challenge to replace the running, but I’d rather wait until I finish the first set then start new challenges all at the same time.

No Alcohol: Easy-peasy. I really only had one day that was tempting last week while I was at a work event, but other than that, it is not big deal.


This morning I knocked out my strength training workout in about 25 minutes total. And that might even include my travel time to and from the gym. Believe me, I still felt it. I was drenched in sweat and shaky by the time I left. I really love those workouts.


I grabbed running clothes hoping to get out at lunch time and hoping even more that I could run more than a quarter of a mile before my knee started hurting. Well, the week of no running paid off! I ran 3 miles with zero pain. My legs were tired from yesterday’s riding and this morning’s lifting, but given the short distance I kept a reasonable pace. Booya! It was super hot out otherwise I would have run longer just because I was excited to be running!


I had lunch after my run and it was good, but then I polished off some raspberries as an afternoon snack! They’ve been on sale so I am snatching them up and eating them anytime I want totally guilt free. So good!


I’ve got an exciting evening of haircut, girls dinner for charity, and a birthday bbq!

Have a wonderful evening!