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Hoverboards Are a Great Toy for Kids to Have

Hoverboards are something a kid really wants, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on. Getting a kid one of these is not doing too much. Kids get bored of their toys fast. They always need something new to help them past their free time. Consciously, you want to get them what they want and that is great. But, on one hand, you want to stay within your personal budget. Your money does not grow on trees. Many hours and days go for the cash. The best choice would be to get the best hoverboards for kids that is really cheap. You win and the kid gets what they want. More things you might want to know to help you decide on how to get one that is good and cheap.

Pick a Hoverboard That Doesn’t Burn Into Flames


Be very weary of the cheap hoverboards you see online and offline. There have been many reports of the boards bursting into flames. Some say it is mostly the cheap hoverboards. This is not a proven fact, but you should check the reviews of each hoverboard item you buy. It can prevent your child from having something you can’t afford to pay right now. Take your time and get your child a hoverboard that is actually reliable.

As well, check to see if the hoverboard is durable. Kids like to jump on things don’t they? They will probably jump on the board and make it unusable. There is not guarantee, but when I was a kid I use to jump on things. Too many things I use to jump on because I thought I was superman. The child is highly likely to break a poorly made hoverboard. See if the hoverboard is very durable and strong enough to handle tough pressure.

Set a $300 Or Less Budget for Purchasing One

Set a budget around $300 for the purchase of a hoverboard. Hoverboards come in many prices, but they are ultimately designed for people who like standing instead of walking. They are considered cool to have by some. I personally will never have one. But, this is about what the kid wants and what the kid wants matters. They need to enjoy life before it rushes them in the face. Buy one that is around $300 or less. You have other things you have to pay for. Got to make sure you can afford it. If you have to wait longer to get one, then wait longer to get one for the kid. The kid will understand once they get it. Never worry about that. The look on their face will make you light up with love.

Help Them Learn How to Ride One

Help Them Learn How to Ride One

Using a hoverboard is not as simple as reading instructions. Its like riding a bike. You got to practice with it to learn how to do it. The kid will not know what to do. Teach the kid how to balance their legs on one. Help them stand up if they need to. Show them how to balance their waist for a long period of time. Hold their hand to stop them from falling off. Do all these things when you have free time. It takes about 1 to 3 weeks to learn how to use a hoverboard. Have patience and teach them what to do with a hoverboard.


Until this weekend, my Mother had never had a s’more! Can you believe that? Although they had probably been around for much longer, the first s’mores recipe was published in the Girl Scout Handbook in 1927, so they were certainly around well before my Mom was a youngster.


I have a feeling now that they have an outdoor fire pit, she is about to make up for all of the years of her life that she didn’t have s’mores.


While I can’t say I have never had s’mores I can say, I’ve probably never had s’mores so fancy and smelled so little like campfire after having them.

We had quite the assortment of items for our s’mores including three kinds of gourmet handmade marshmallows – chocolate chili, toasted coconut, and rosewater. The marshmallows were from Bang Candyin Nashville, TN and were given to my Dad as a Christmas gift with this purpose in mind. It was my first experience with handmade gourmet marshmallows and I may never be able to go back.

Don’t worry, we still had plain old marshmallows too. Not only did we have chocolate, but we also had Chocolate Cappuccino spread and peanut butter.


My Mom started with a plain old s’more. It was tough to just how much she liked it, but I do know she thought it was messy!


We each made a variety of combinations. Of course none of them were bad. I think Evan’s were the most extravagant.


Then we had to try the marshmallows on their own also. We compared favorite ways to eat a toasted marshmallow. My preference is to char the outside, eat the outside, then char the next layer, eat it, and so on.


The big winner for marshmallows was the chocolate chili. I could have eaten the entire bag. Just enough spice to keep me wanting more.

Have you ever made gourmet s’mores? What are you favorite s’more fillings?

Weekend Recap: Lazy Bones

Well, not so much lazy bones ALL weekend. Just part of it. Here’s the quick recap.


We met friends at Great Divide Brewery for happy hour(s!). The plan was a beer or two then home for dinner. The plan went by the wayside. Beers were delicious.


We went out for dinner. I ate pizza again for I think the seventh day in a row. This time from a new place, Ignite!. It was decent.

It poured rain all night. It was glorious!


Not surprisingly, since Friday’s plan went out the window, so did Saturday morning’s plan of getting up early to go ride bikes. Instead I was super freaking lazy. Finally by midday, I pulled myself together and headed out for a quick mountain bike ride. I demoed the carbon version of my current bike. It was love. But more on that some other time.

Following my bike ride, I headed to visit my Mom. We went shopping, but I didn’t buy anything. I did, however, get soaking wet. It is apparently Monsoon season here in CO now. Whatever that means. I’m fine with it as long as it isn’t in the triple digits again anytime soon.


It was tough, but I drug myself off my Mom’s couch and headed home for a little yoga session.


Then Evan and I made a tasty dinner! I’ll post the recipe up sometime soon. It is worth making the quinoa for sure!

Cheesy Mexican Quinoa + Corn + Chili Lime Chicken.



Sunday started off with much more motivation. Evan and I were both up and out the door early to ride bikes. Road for her, DH for him.

I met up with some girlfriends to go for a very damp, but super enjoyable ride. We had no particular route in mind, just kind of wandered. The fog was so thick that it felt like it was raining. We covered about 25 miles and about 2,000 feet of climbing.


Immediately after our ride, I went to yoga. I thought it was the free beginner class. It was not. It was Yoga Sculpt. It was brutal. I was hungry and dehydrated and hot. In the end, good though.

I did some grocery shopping and started prepping food for the week and for dinner. It started downpouring. Again. This might have been the hardest rain I’ve ever seen.


Evan and I planned to have my Mom and Duke over for dinner since my Dad is out-of-town. On the menu was Heirloom Tomato and Peach Salad with Pork Tenderloin and Pineapple relish. Heirloom tomatoes are not easy to find and when you find them, they are not cheap.

Dinner was prepped and I braved the rain to grill the pork. Just on time, my Mom and Duke arrived. Duke had apparently been digging before the left home. Too cute.


Dinner was so good. The tomatoes were worth every penny and all of the running around. Recipe to come.


The weekend drew to a rainy close and I slept like a baby to the sound of it. I do miss regular rain.

How was your weekend? Did you have any good eats? Go on any adventures? 

28th Birthday Celebrations

Happy Friday! And a very special Happy Birthday to my Mom! She’s an amazing lady! I was her early birthday present 28 years ago, isn’t she lucky?

Birthday Celebrations

In case the internet hasn’t already told you, yesterday was my birthday! We celebrated on Wednesday and we celebrated more yesterday. I plan on extending my birthday celebrations for a solid month. Not annoying for everyone around me at all, right?

Evan and I pedaled to work yesterday. Even though we were tired from all the biking on Wednesday, it was a glorious way to start my birthday!

I didn’t have anything at work for lunch and it was my birthday and I love pizza and Wazee Supper Club is across the street from my office and I ate a whole pizza for lunch. It was amazing! Their bianca pizza (white pizza or garlic pizza) is excellent.


I skipped out of work a wee-bit early and headed to a new CorePower yoga studio that opened and enjoyed a class with only one other person in it for free because it was my birthday. I was a sweaty, hot mess by the end of class. It was a beginner class, but it provided some much-needed relaxation and detox.

My parents scooped Evan and I up and we headed to a combined birthday dinner for my Mom and I. She hadn’t ever had Vietnamese or Pho, so that’s what we had.

We went to Pho on 6th, which I have never been too. It was the nicest Pho restaurant I have ever been in, very nice decor, seating, and great atmosphere.

The four of us started with three appetizers: coconut shrimp, Vietnamese egg rolls, and steamed BBQ pork buns. They were all excellent and the sauces were outstanding.


Pho was the dish of choice. We each ordered a little something different, but all got the veggies which in my opinion is a must. I had Central Pho (the spicy version) with shredded chicken and veggies. It was hot, fresh, the veggies were crisp, the broth was light, and the flavor was excellent. None of us finished our gigantic portions.


With very full bellies, we headed back to my parent’s house for dessert! Carrot Cake. Mom made the cake, Dad decorated. It was moist and flavorful. I wanted to eat more, I just didn’t have the room.


I thoroughly enjoyed the low-key birthday celebrations and sharing my birthday with my Mom!