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America’s Birthday

The fourth of July falling on a Wednesday seems a little strange, but we took advantage of the mid-week day off to go on a little adventure and celebrate my birthday a day early.

Cross Country Ride

Our plan was not much of a plan but more of an idea of what we may or may not do. We knew riding bikes was going to be part of it and it was decided pretty last-minute that it would be in the Winter Park/Fraser Valley area.

Not knowing what traffic would be like, we hit the road early, but still later than planned, of course. No traffic. So amazing. We rolled through Winter Park and into Fraser to stop into a local bike/coffee shop, Totally Wired/Rocky Mountain Roastery, and get some trail beta since our efforts to search out the route, directions or a map were unsuccessful.

When we mentioned that we were going to try to ride High Lonesome/Caribou/Strawberry the owner of the shop replied “Do you want me to draw you a map of something way better than that?” to which we responded, “hell yea!”

Directions were given, the map was draw. We were on our way with this guy in hand.

Afraid of getting lost, not in the least bit. Even though I’m a worry wart when it comes to getting lost on rides, I was more confident with this map than a real map because we had detailed markers and way-points. Also, this is not the first map like this we’ve gotten from the same person. He hasn’t failed us yet.

The ride was really incredible. Brand new, barely there trail, great views, and overall just really fun to ride.

The ride was fairly short, even with a minor detour at the beginning we were only riding for about 2.5 hours. When we hit the end of the descent, we opted to boogie to the car, eat, and head to Winter Park to ride DH rather than riding more XC.


At Winter Park we caught up with some friends for a few laps and finished off the day with a lap or two on our own. I am getting better and better each time I ride DH. Riding rougher terrain, going faster, cornering better, riding bigger features and building confidence on jumps.

Sleepy Monkey Batch #2 Tasting

I was getting anxious for a Sleepy Monkey near the end of the day, so we headed to the car. I was excited for my first full beer since the end of my 30-day challenge. Evan and been patiently waiting to have  Sleepy Monkey for my birthday. It was just as delicious as the first batch Evan brewed!

We took our Sleepy Monkeys down to the creek and chatted with some other folks that we’d met up with and enjoyed the cool fresh water. Please notice Evan’s new Chacos. He is very excited about them and I was jealous of them when he could walk through the water with them on and I had to go barefoot because my flip-flops weren’t up to the task.

Dinner: DeAntonio’s Pizza!

After a couple of beers, I had pizza on the brain (when don’t I though?). Not just any pizza. The best pizza in all of Colorado. We hit up DeAntonio’s for my somewhat traditional birthday meal.

We scarfed some super amazingly fresh garlic knots and an unpictured antipasto salad, which was a highlight of the meal.

We’ve never ordered a full pizza before so we gave it a shot and got a pepperoni pizza. It was delicious, but not as thin and doughy as the slices. Maybe if we ordered a larger size it would have been? Still no real complaints from me. I loved it.

With full bellies and tired muscles we hit the road back home. Luckily, no traffic again! We were beat by the time we got home and could barely even change into our pajamas for bed.

Yesterday was a perfect day! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday, um, and America’s Birthday. Looking forward to continuing my birthday celebrations today!

How was your 4th of July? What did you do? Are you working the rest of the week? 

Weekend Recap: Lazy Bones

Well, not so much lazy bones ALL weekend. Just part of it. Here’s the quick recap.


We met friends at Great Divide Brewery for happy hour(s!). The plan was a beer or two then home for dinner. The plan went by the wayside. Beers were delicious.

We went out for dinner. I ate pizza again for I think the seventh day in a row. This time from a new place, Ignite!. It was decent.

It poured rain all night. It was glorious!


Not surprisingly, since Friday’s plan went out the window, so did Saturday morning’s plan of getting up early to go ride bikes. Instead I was super freaking lazy. Finally by midday, I pulled myself together and headed out for a quick mountain bike ride. I demoed the carbon version of my current bike. It was love. But more on that some other time.

Following my bike ride, I headed to visit my Mom. We went shopping, but I didn’t buy anything. I did, however, get soaking wet. It is apparently Monsoon season here in CO now. Whatever that means. I’m fine with it as long as it isn’t in the triple digits again anytime soon.

It was tough, but I drug myself off my Mom’s couch and headed home for a little yoga session.

Then Evan and I made a tasty dinner! I’ll post the recipe up sometime soon. It is worth making the quinoa for sure!

Cheesy Mexican Quinoa + Corn + Chili Lime Chicken.


Sunday started off with much more motivation. Evan and I were both up and out the door early to ride bikes. Road for her, DH for him.

I met up with some girlfriends to go for a very damp, but super enjoyable ride. We had no particular route in mind, just kind of wandered. The fog was so thick that it felt like it was raining. We covered about 25 miles and about 2,000 feet of climbing.

Immediately after our ride, I went to yoga. I thought it was the free beginner class. It was not. It was Yoga Sculpt. It was brutal. I was hungry and dehydrated and hot. In the end, good though.

I did some grocery shopping and started prepping food for the week and for dinner. It started downpouring. Again. This might have been the hardest rain I’ve ever seen.

Evan and I planned to have my Mom and Duke over for dinner since my Dad is out-of-town. On the menu was Heirloom Tomato and Peach Salad with Pork Tenderloin and Pineapple relish. Heirloom tomatoes are not easy to find and when you find them, they are not cheap.

Dinner was prepped and I braved the rain to grill the pork. Just on time, my Mom and Duke arrived. Duke had apparently been digging before the left home. Too cute.

Dinner was so good. The tomatoes were worth every penny and all of the running around. Recipe to come.

The weekend drew to a rainy close and I slept like a baby to the sound of it. I do miss regular rain.

How was your weekend? Did you have any good eats? Go on any adventures? 

Cheers To Not Prohibition

On this day, January 16th, in 1919 the 18th Amendment was ratified and on January 16th, 1920 prohibition started. For the next 13 years it was illegal to produce or sell alcoholic beverages.

I thought it was only appropriate to focus on alcoholic beverages today, especially my favorite of them, craft beer. Because beer matters.


On our recent trip to Seattle, we visited a couple of local breweries my favorite of which was Fremont Brewing. Even before I made it inside this “urban beer garden” I knew I was on the right track because of this sign out front.


I loved the inside of this cute little place with bleacher like seating at the entrance, chalkboard paint behind the bar, lots of taps, picnic tables, big bright windows, an outdoor seating area and primary colored walls.

I was overwhelmed with the number of beers that this small brewery had on tap. There were at least 13 on tap and a couple of others we tried that hadn’t officially been tapped yet. I didn’t take notes or a photo of the beer list, but I should have.


Below is a list of what I believe we tried and some brief tasting notes.


  • Universal Pale Ale
  • Interurban IPA –  This was a really delicious tre to style IPA.
  • Wandering Wheat
  • Abominable Winter Ale – A delicious Winter Ale. Strong, dark, and malty with hints of hops.
  • Harvest Ale – A perfectly balanced Saison that was delicious.
  • The Brother Imperial IPA – Big, bad, brother. All hops. All.the.time.
  • The Sister IPA
  • Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout – So smooth and easy to drink which is scary given it was around 8% ABV.
  • Super Duper IPA – This IPA was really piney, but had strong citrus notes as well.
  • Dark Star Oatmeal Stout with Hazelnut and Chocolate – It was like drinking Nutella Beer. It was definitely something you’d have one or two of, but not drink a bunch in a row.
  • Harvest Ale Cask Conditioned w/ Buddha’s Hand and Thai Basil – HOLY AMAZING. This beer might make my list of top favorite beers ever. The flavors played so well together and the cask conditioning make it perfectly mellow.
  • Wandering Wheat w/ something – I cannot remember what this was, but I’m pretty sure we had two wandering wheats.
  • Abominable Winter Ale Nitro – again, I can’t remember for sure, but I think we had one of these on nitro


It was a long afternoon, which explains my brief tasting notes. Tasting that many really excellent beers all at once was pretty overwhelming for me. There wasn’t a single beer that I wouldn’t have again which, for me, is unusual when tasting so many.  As overwhelming as it was, I survived. Evan seemed to handle it just fine too.


After our flight we, of course had to order one of our favorites. My top favorites were the super special beers – the Saison with Buddha’s Hand & Thai Basil and the Dark Star Hazelnut, so I wasn’t able to get a full beer of them. I ended up with a regular Dark Star which was also satisfying.


hatting with us, getting our opinions on the beer and even let us try beers that were mid-brew.

If Fremont was closer to home, it would be on the go-to list for me and I think Evan too.

Cheers to prohibition being over and to the rise of the craft brewing industry in the United States.

Summer Skiing

June rolled into the Front Range with bright sun, blue skies and temps in the 70s. Sounds perfect, right? Well, we ditched out on the perfect summery weather and headed to the mountains to get a little more winter.

Saturday we buzzed up to A-Basin for a few hours on what was their anticipated closing weekend, but thanks to a late-season (um, summer season?) storm, they had gotten nearly a foot of snow earlier in the week and are extending their season for at least one more weekend.


The conditions were the best summer skiing conditions I’ve had in Colorado. The temps were warm, no wind, sunshine, and plenty of slushy bumps at the bottom. The top on the other hand was so far from slush. It was perfect soft snow. You’d have never guessed it was June 1st.


Not only were we stoked to get up there to tick off skiing in another month this year and enjoy the summer conditions, but we also retrieved our mugs! Thank goodness we went because the 6th Alley Bar isn’t open next weekend, so our mugs would have been long-gone.


We didn’t use or mugs nearly as much as we’d hoped, but definitely still love having them.

Cheers to summer skiing!

Telluride: Day 1

For the third weekend in a row I’m on a mini vacation in the mountains. This time to one of my favorite mountain towns, Telluride. I had never been here, but this town, and more specifically the Tim McGraw song about it, is one of the reasons I moved to Colorado.

We were here last year for the same race, Full Tilt in Telluride, but I spent a lot of my time in Mountain Village. This year, we’re staying in town and one of Evan’s friend’s girlfriend is here too, so I have a buddy.

Telluride is nestled on the valley floor in a box canyon so there is one year-round way in and out of the town.


At the end of the canyon is the largest waterfall in Colorado, Bridal Veil Falls. Although I have been to Telluride several times I have never been up to the falls, so I made the trek up to the falls Saturday morning. We got caught in some rain and the sky wasn’t Colorado blue but it was still incredible.


The hike/bike/drive up to the base of the falls from the Pandora mill is a little less than 2 miles, so as far as hikes go, it is extremely easy. The 365 foot falls are the largest free-falling waterfall in Colorado.


You can continue the additional half of a mile or so to the top of the falls where the power plant is. To the top, the elevation gain is about 1,200 feet. We couldn’t go to the house at the top or even down toward the top of the falls because it was closed for construction.

There were tons of waterfalls in New York growing up so I’m not usually that impressed by them, but these are truly awe-inspiring. It is no surprise that they were used in commercials to promote visiting Colorado.

The trail didn’t end at the top of the falls, so I did a very short trail run up a bit higher. The trail got steeper and rockier, but the scenery remained amazing. There were several little waterfalls all around and the wildflowers were gorgeous.


All the way down the hike there were stunning views of Telluride tucked into the valley. The sheer rock walls, vibrant red rock, and rugged mountains are so unique to the south western portion of Colorado.


We finished out the hike hungry, with sore feet, and in a steady cold rain. Just as we finished we got word that the boys had finished up their race practice and were at the local brewpub, Smuggler Joe’s, for a snack and a beer. That sounded amazing to both of us, so it didn’t take us long to put on dry clothes and get our tired butts there. Luckily it is less than one block from our condo. I had a Debauchery which was a Belgian Tripel and it was excellent. And strong.


After a snack and some rest a friend and I took public transportation a.k.a. the gondola to Mountain Village which is basically up and over the mountain. The Town of Mountain Village is new development and serves as the main base area for the ski resort. It is a drastic difference from the town of Telluride.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the views from the Gondola. The mountain below falls steeply away, you get a peek at the end of the canyon, you’re staring at red rock cliffs straight on, all wall watching the already small town of Telluride shrink from view.


Believe it or not there area couple 4×4 road that go up and over that ridge and mountain bike trails that come down it into town.


After a quick tour of Mountain Village we took the gondola back to the midway point, the peak of the ridge, and wandered into a mountain top restaurant, Allreds, for a fancy drink. Just as we finished our drink, the boys called and we caught up with them to jump back on the gondola and head back to Town.

As I look around this town it is no wonder that people will do anything to live here and celebrities have been flocking here more and more recently. It is such a unique town with an incredible historic, but trendy vibe.

Off to savor more of this incredible town.

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere without having ever been there?

Two Rides, Two Runs.


Yesterday I headed out for a lunch run to keep the running streak going. My knee had (yes, past tense. bummer) been feeling a bit better so I hoped to get more than just a mile in. My goal was 3. I made it about 2.5. My Garmin reads two because I stopped it at a street light and forgot to turn it back on. The knee wasn’t into it after about a mile and a half. So frustrating.


Oh and I couldn’t find a bobby pin, so I had to get creative with keeping my hair back. Paper clip worked just fine until I had to take it out. I might have a bald spot now. Am I the only crazy that uses office supplies as accessories? Or have you done it too? 


Mountain Bike Ride

Since it was Thursday, that meant it was T.I.T.S. ride night! I haven’t been out with this group in quite a while, so I was pumped to ride. We rode from Ironworks, of course, and then hit up Green Mountain. Evan and I didn’t bring lights so our ride was a bit shorter than everyone else’s but it was super fun. I was pumped to be climbing strong and generally riding really well. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and Green Mountain had tons of bright wildflowers in bloom. We rarely ride Green Mountain in the summer or in the daytime so it was a bit of a surprise how pretty it was up there.

After climb numero dos, we stopped for a snack and most had a beer. I carried the beer all the way up there, but I didn’t drink mine. Made for a nice photo though. Actually, that was Evan’s and it did get drank. And he took all the photos too.

My Garmin died part way through the ride, but here is our route from Evan’s Strava. He and I covered a little over 13.5 miles and climbed 2,160 feet in about an hour and a half.



Even though we got home at almost midnight and I was feeling a little less than 100% from the post-ride beers, I got my butt out of bed and hit bootcamp at the rec center. The awesome thing about bootcamp in the summer is that we go outside! This morning’s class was a lot of running. I definitely covered more than my mile during class, but my knee was killing me. The morning was beautiful and I just felt luck to be there enjoying the views of Lookout Mountain with the perfect blue sky.

Commute to Work

Annnnnd then, I showered off quick did a wardrobe change and jumped on the road bike to ride to work. Even though the ride is primarily downhill my legs felt it. They’re a little tired. For good reason I suppose. Regardless, I love commuting it is an awesome way to start the day.


Almost the weekend and playtime!

Do you use Strava?

I’m a Strava newbie but Evan is really in to it. I’m hoping to learn. I think it could be addicting though.

Amazingly Delicious Treats

Okay, so maybe these “treats” aren’t that amazing, but to me they were pretty freaking awesome and are both fairly new to me.

Please meet Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter. A little pricey, but so delicious. I bought this a week or two ago and spread it on a warm crumpet and almost died and went to Heaven.


Evan came home with a couple of sample bags of Pop Chips on Tuesday evening and he let me have the bag of Salt and Vinegars to bring for lunch yesterday. I am surprised that they made it until lunch. I couldn’t stop thinking about trying them all morning. Now, I can’t stop thinking about how delicious they were. In my opinion they had better taste than regular potato chips, I got more in the little bag, and they were only 100 calories and way less fat! Score.I didn’t really get to try this treat, but in two weeks I will get to try Batch #2 of Evan’s Sleepy Monkey. We bottled it last night and I cannot wait to give it a taste. It is one of my favorite IPAs, so hopefully this batch will be as good as the first!



Yesterday was one of those days where I bounced out of bed without thinking twice about it and was excited to get my workout in. I went to the rec center for the first time in ages and burned through my new circuit workout. It is super intense and super short. I love it. While I was there I also mixed in some laps on the indoor track to get my mile in for the Summer Running Streak.


After work I met up with a friend and went for a road bike ride. It was super windy and we, of course, didn’t notice it on the way out on our out and back ride, but it was extremely noticeable on our way back. It was like pedaling through mud. We weren’t pushing too hard and ended up covering about 22 miles in a little over an hour.

SBT: Check It Off The List

SBT = South Boundary Trail

The SBT is an incredible trail ride that I’ve been trying to do for three years or so now and I finally got to do it this past weekend during our trip to Angel Fire, NM.

We sandwiched our two days of lift-served downhilling with a long trail ride. The South Boundary trail is a 20-30 miles, depending on who you talk to and what route you take, of super sweet trail connecting Angel Fire to Taos. Our route was 21.5 miles.


Evan and another fella set-up the shuttle the night before. God bless them. I despise shuttle logistics. Thanks to the majority of the shuttling being covered already, we got an early start riding. I was super nervous about getting lost because I had heard and read that way-finding could be a challenge, but trusted Evan’s research and some random map off the internet.

The ride started with a decently steep climb for less than two miles to the max elevation of the ride of 10,730 feet, but once that was over there was no real sustained climbing to speak of. At least that is what I thought. The climb varied between open sections on wide gravel, rock, dirt road or two-track and a bit of singletrack. It ducked into stands of trees and through open meadows which made it pretty tolerable.

The trail right from the beginning was used so little in some spots that we were riding through grassy patches here and there. Way-finding even with the grass was easy. Large cairns marked the way quite well and there were signs at every major intersection. Some of us even did our part to make sure no one got lost.

The first descent was through a wide open meadow then quickly dropped into the woods. The trail was narrow, the trees were tall, and the light coming through was pretty fantastic. The trail continued to roll a bit for a quite a while but was fast and flowy.


The beginning portion of the singletrack itself,  past the grunt of a climb, was pretty buff in a lot of sections, with a few rougher sections with roots and rocks.


The descent lasted through about mile 6 before it started to gradually climb again, but nothing super technical, steep, or challenging. A lot of the climbing sections especially coming up to and just past Garcia Park were a bit wider, two-track, or dirt road. A lot of different roads and trails intersect the SBT and there are some incredible camping areas along it, but the only slightly challenging part of navigation that we were warned about was through Garcia Park. We had memorized the directions that we read in other trail reviews, but the trail was signed pretty well and our directions ended up not making a lot of sense. We believe the trail was re-routed within the last year or two.

The trail continued to climb a little bit past Garcia Park through about mile 10, but super mellow climbing with some whoops and more barely there trail. Loved it.


Around mile 10.5 we hit the peak of the second major climb and were pretty confident there was not really much more climbing left. The views were incredible from 10,300 or so feet. We took a break, enjoyed some lunch, and rested up for the second half of the ride.


The next portion of the trail was unreal. It traversed along side of the mountain on super narrow, perfectly bench cut, slightly rolling trail with tall trees, perfect corners, smooth dirt. It was big ring cruising time. I really can’t even begin to explain how much I loved this section and how much fun it was. I didn’t want it to end, but it flew by. We covered 4-5 miles is what seemed like only a few minutes. I think it was really like 30 minutes though. I have no idea for sure.

The final section of trail got substantially steeper, looser dirt, more rocky, and much more technical, but dang! was it fun.


As a group we caught several flats in the last few miles of trail, but none of us were in a hurry so we just enjoyed the views down into Taos while we waited.

The last section of trail (1-2 miles) had some real hairpin turns and were really steep, but at least they were on more packed dirt so they weren’t too bad. The final descent was bittersweet. I was excited to have checked off such a big ride, but I enjoyed every section of the trail so much I  didn’t want it to be over.


We were pumped that the truck was still there and hadn’t been towed, thanks to a thoughtful note that Evan left on the window the night before. We had met some folks on the trail that ended up to be our parking lot neighbors and they confirmed that the red Tundra was there so we cold breathe easy for the last section of trail knowing that the truck and cold beer awaited us.

The boys were thinking ahead when they set-up the shuttle and had stashed a cooler with some PBR in the truck. All seven of us were just glowing as we cheers’d the amazing ride.

So now you want to ride it yourself? Well, here are the deets as I have them. Or just get all our GPS info from Garmin Connect.

  • Start Trailhead: We picked up the trailhead where it crosses FR 76. Take the trail to the right that starts climbing.
  • Finish Trailhead: Just east of 585 on 64. As you’re coming into Taos it is on the left.
  • Way-finding:  Follow signs for 164 all the way. Some are brown sticks with numbers, but there are also a lot that are large fence posts with red arrows and writing. Garcia Park can be confusing but was signed well for us. Intersections that aren’t marked are pretty obvious. There was one just after Garcia Park where a road went right, but the trail continued left. There are well-built cairns marking the trail as well. As you near Taos the trail gets much more heavily trafficked. Near the end of the ride (about 1 mile left) take a hard right to go to the parking lot.
  • Total Length:  21.47 miles as we rode it.
  • Start Elevation: 9,930 feet
  • Finish Elevation: 7,179 feet
  • Elevation Gain: 1,808 feet
  • Elevation Loss: 4,548 feet
  • Timing:  We were on trail for just shy of 5 hours, but our moving time was under 2:30 and we taking it very mellow. I would suspect that strong riders can do it in 2-2:30 with no stops or mechanicals.
  • Maps: We didn’t use one, but you can find our GPS track above.
  • Post Ride: Head to Guadalajara Grill to refuel with Mexican food and Margs.

If you don’t like this ride, you hate fun.

Have you ridden SBT? 

The Moose Is Loose.

Hello from Angel Fire, New Mexico!

When I got home from work last night we packed the truck in record time and blasted out-of-town for the long weekend. This is weekend is traditionally the first weekend of lift-served downhill mountain biking at Angel Fire and I’m pretty sure all of Colorado’s Front Range downhilling community makes the trip to ride. Seriously, with the number of people here you’d think we were only an hour from home.

Roadside Meal

Since we got on the road and didn’t really have time to prep anything for dinner we decided to stop on the way. The only problem, there really isn’t anywhere good to stop. About an hour an a half into our drive Evan recalled little burger stand that we could stop at in one of the small towns. When we hit Jefferson, we saw it. The Moose Caboose.


Nothing fancy. Not healthy. But actually pretty darn delicious. I had a chili cheese dog and hand cut french fries. Super healthy, I know. I felt like I deserved it since I barely ate lunch yesterday. Evan had Train Wreck burger with every topping imaginable and the burger itself was really good. You can’t beat fresh meat on a burger. This roadside meal was a little tough (read: messy) to manage while we were cruising down the road, so I didn’t capture a photo of it.

We arrived in Angel Fire super late last night, but ended up staying up even later chatting with friends that were already here. I don’t think I retired until 3am!

Downhilling: Day 1

With the late night, we also had a later morning and took our time making breakfast, getting ready, and getting on the hill.

I am such a nervous Nelly when it comes to getting back into something after some time off, so today being my first day on the downhill bike since last summer was no different. We rode with some friends and kept it super chill for the first couple of runs. Then started to take on more challenging runs as I got warmed up and more comfortable. I do get comfortable more and more quickly each season which is cool. Today I rode things that last year, even after a few days or riding, I would be really nervous and hesitant to ride.

unfortunately, I don’t take my phone or camera with me on the bike, so I don’t get to capture a lot of pictures of me riding, but I’d like to get some before the end of the weekend!

They stopped running the lift because it is super windy, so I cut my day a little shorter than I would have liked, but I still have tomorrow and Monday!

Now, it is time to relax and enjoy this hoppy red ale from Marble Brewery here in New Mexico. Their IPA is a fav, but this isn’t far behind.

Short Workouts & Long Work Days

Yesterday was the longest day ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but it was a long day for me.

I was up before the sun, somewhere in the middle of the 5 o’clock hour, to get ready to head to the trainer. I haven’t done any strength training since Boston and he was giving me a new program. I was there by 7 and by 7:30 my butt was sufficiently kicked. I did barely 20 minutes of work and I was sweating like a beast, my muscles were shaking and tired. I think I’m going to like this new quick and dirty workout he gave me. It is basically two circuits that equal 4 minutes of high-intensity work with 40 seconds of rest in between.

I was still to work early. And I worked late – until after 7pm. For some that isn’t late at all, but for me, that’s a long day. A bonus of working late was zero traffic on the way home and zero guilt about having a beer at my desk.

Then another beer when I got home.

I enjoyed my beer and hung out with Evan in the garage while he did bike work. I kind of helped. I put air in my tires that he changed. That’s super helpful, right?

I got a little motivation finally and washed my bike. It was covered in red Moab dirt. It is all shiny and clean now. Bummer part of washing my bike is that I noticed all of the scratches and chips in the paint. Sadness, but it is a mountain bike and it gets ridden. Hard.

Finally around 9pm I got motivated to make dinner. Nothing fancy at all. Just burgers with blue cheese and pepperoncini spread with corn on the cob and watermelon feta salad. That makes three nights in a row that I’ve had corn on the cob. Quick, easy, and delicious.

Then I packed super fast. No “real” clothing need for this weekend only biking clothes, pajamas, and lounging clothes. Perfect.

This morning I was up early again to squeeze in a workout before what is going to be another long day. Not only is my new training program short, but it can also be done completely outside or at home or where ever with only a few slight modifications. I ran/walked to this little park area did my workout and ran back home all in about 45 minutes.

My abs are sore and my arms are shaking. Great start to the day!

On my hike the other night we got talking about morning workouts. We lamented about how there is no way we’re going to ever get more hours in the day, so we need to make more hours for ourselves. The conclusion was that getting up an hour or so earlier to get your workout in is the best way to make “more time” in the day. I am on and off with my morning workouts, but I love the feeling of having it out-of-the-way before I even take my shower for the day. It starts the day off right and gets me motivated right from the start.

How do you feel about morning workouts?