Cheers To Not Prohibition

On this day, January 16th, in 1919 the 18th Amendment was ratified and on January 16th, 1920 prohibition started. For the next 13 years it was illegal to produce or sell alcoholic beverages.

I thought it was only appropriate to focus on alcoholic beverages today, especially my favorite of them, craft beer. Because beer matters.


On our recent trip to Seattle, we visited a couple of local breweries my favorite of which was Fremont Brewing. Even before I made it inside this “urban beer garden” I knew I was on the right track because of this sign out front.


I loved the inside of this cute little place with bleacher like seating at the entrance, chalkboard paint behind the bar, lots of taps, picnic tables, big bright windows, an outdoor seating area and primary colored walls.

I was overwhelmed with the number of beers that this small brewery had on tap. There were at least 13 on tap and a couple of others we tried that hadn’t officially been tapped yet. I didn’t take notes or a photo of the beer list, but I should have.


Below is a list of what I believe we tried and some brief tasting notes.


  • Universal Pale Ale
  • Interurban IPA –  This was a really delicious tre to style IPA.
  • Wandering Wheat
  • Abominable Winter Ale – A delicious Winter Ale. Strong, dark, and malty with hints of hops.
  • Harvest Ale – A perfectly balanced Saison that was delicious.
  • The Brother Imperial IPA – Big, bad, brother. All hops. All.the.time.
  • The Sister IPA
  • Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout – So smooth and easy to drink which is scary given it was around 8% ABV.
  • Super Duper IPA – This IPA was really piney, but had strong citrus notes as well.
  • Dark Star Oatmeal Stout with Hazelnut and Chocolate – It was like drinking Nutella Beer. It was definitely something you’d have one or two of, but not drink a bunch in a row.
  • Harvest Ale Cask Conditioned w/ Buddha’s Hand and Thai Basil – HOLY AMAZING. This beer might make my list of top favorite beers ever. The flavors played so well together and the cask conditioning make it perfectly mellow.
  • Wandering Wheat w/ something – I cannot remember what this was, but I’m pretty sure we had two wandering wheats.
  • Abominable Winter Ale Nitro – again, I can’t remember for sure, but I think we had one of these on nitro


It was a long afternoon, which explains my brief tasting notes. Tasting that many really excellent beers all at once was pretty overwhelming for me. There wasn’t a single beer that I wouldn’t have again which, for me, is unusual when tasting so many.  As overwhelming as it was, I survived. Evan seemed to handle it just fine too.


After our flight we, of course had to order one of our favorites. My top favorites were the super special beers – the Saison with Buddha’s Hand & Thai Basil and the Dark Star Hazelnut, so I wasn’t able to get a full beer of them. I ended up with a regular Dark Star which was also satisfying.


hatting with us, getting our opinions on the beer and even let us try beers that were mid-brew.

If Fremont was closer to home, it would be on the go-to list for me and I think Evan too.

Cheers to prohibition being over and to the rise of the craft brewing industry in the United States.