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Home Face Mask Recipe You Can Use Now

Face masks can be bought at your local stores, but now you can go to your house and make your own. That sounds more fun right? Sure it does and I want to teach you how to make face wash mask when your on a budget. The materials I am going to use should be at your house or cost little at the grocery store. Face masks are very good you know. They nicely burn off all the bad chemicals that want to stay on your face. The acne, zits, insect bites, and rough natural oils are taken off to give you a step up look. Make up that you put on the night before is also taken off. I have my recipes for you to get started in making your very own face mask for cheap. Look down below for more details.

Best Korean face mask for acne

Basic Raw Honey Face Mask Recipe

Apply basic honey face mask to your face if you feel you don’t need to use anything specific to clean face. Raw honey pumps face with anti-bacteria, prevents aging, and moisturizes the skin naturally. This recipe is very easy to make and does not take much time to do. First, go buy some raw honey. You need about a small jar of it. Big jar is for people who use face masks every day. Once done, open the raw honey. Then, get a spoon that is in the draw. Take the spoon and take out a spoon full of raw honey. Next, spread the raw honey on your face. Use 2 spoons if you run out of honey. Generally, one tea spoon should cover your face but things happen. Spread the honey to every part of your face. Get the eye lids, cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose. Once done, you need to wait and let the raw honey work its magic on your face. Wait about 15 to 60 minutes with the raw honey on face. After, wash face off with cold water. Then, pat face down with a dry cloth. All done and ready to do something else.

Raw honey is very good for your face. Many Koreans claim it is always good to have this ingredient in your Best Korean face mask for acne recipe. Raw honey is a healing agent that tries it’s best to heal everything on your skin. Gives skin superior nourishment and hydration. Minor wounds will also be healed on your face. If you have a little cut from shaving, try using raw honey to take care of that pain. Won’t have to worry about walking in public with a ugly scar again. In general, raw honey is the best natural face cleaner that your skin can possibly have to make it look younger and healthier.

Acne Raw Honey Face Mask

Acne face mask for people who have acne and basic dirt on face. One of the best Korean face mask for acne. You get the same treatment as basic honey face mask with a little spice to treat acne better. Preparation takes a little more time. Not that much. First, get your hands on some raw honey and cinnamon. Next, take out a spoon. Then, take 3 tea spoons of raw honey and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. You got to mix these two together. Get a little empty jar or bottle to do this. Mix them together and mix them good. Warning, cinnamon is harmful to people with sensitive skin. Before you think of putting the mix on your face, test out the cinnamon irritation by putting cinnamon on the back of your hand. Your hand will react if it is bad for you. In the event it is, skip mixing the cinnamon and just use 3 tea spoons of raw honey. Next, spread the mixture on your face. Let it sit on face for 10 to 30 minutes. That should be enough time to let the mixture burn off all acne on face. That is all there is to it.

Prevent Your Pregnancy Stretch Marks By Following These Tips

Every women worries about those stretch marks. Are the marks going to be there for ever? Will I need to go get plastic surgery? What will people say about my marks int eh future? All these questions are normal to have. You’re a young woman and you probably never had kids before. Take a deep breath and relax. It is going to be ok now. Your not going to fall out of orbit because stretch marks don’t want to go away. Luckily, there is a way to make your stretch mark worries no more. A few tips that you can follow each week. View the tips below.

Control Your Weight

Controlling your weight is one way to prevent stretch marks and reduce the size of them. For one thing, your body skin changes over time. The change causes the skin to have marks in it. The marks represent the previous level of weight. When the skin expands due to added weight, you tend to get a stretch mark as a result. As a result of this, you should keep your weight at one level. For example, if you started at 150 pounds, try to keep your weight around 150 pounds. Do not try to go over more than 10 to 20 pounds. Keep your weight leveled each day and the stretch marks won’t appear.

A woman with a baby, is going to have stretch marks regardless, so she should use the best stretch mark prevention cream during pregnancy that she can find. You can try reducing your weight after you had the kid, but you will still need a cream to get rid of those belly marks. The cream does work. It might take more then a couple weeks but it works.

To expand on this, buy yourself a weight machine for your bathroom. Step on the weight machine each day. The machine will tell you your weight and help you control the weight better. Your going to be aware of how well you are losing or gaining weight. Its a nice little machine to have if you want to lose or gain weight. Use the machine to help you control your weight better. Measure your weight and be aware.

Use Retonoid Cream On Your Stretch Marks

Retonoid Cream applied to your skin helps stretch marks look like normal skin color. Apply to your skin each day and watch the skin go back to its original color after a few weeks. The cream provides vitamin A and rebuild collagen. Your skin will be healthier and repair itself normally. Use the best stretch mark prevention cream during pregnancy you can find on the market.

Warning, do not use retonoid cream while pregnant. Many doctors have concluded that using retonoid cream while pregnant causes harm to you or baby. Please wait for the little one to come out. Then, apply the cream to the belly each week. If you have very sensitive skin, go see your doctor and ask for the right retonoid cream for your skin type.