Buffalo Creek Trail Ride

This Monday is flying by. Wowzers! The weekend also kind of flew by with workouts, farmer’s markets, conferences, mountain biking, Ikea, and some family time and by time I mean napping at my parent’s house.

Buffalo Creek Mountain Biking

Sunday morning we got our butts out of bed early to go mountain biking at Buffalo Creek. Located in Pine, Colorado about 40 minutes from Denver, Buff Creek has miles and miles of trail. I have no idea how many miles of trail are actually within the park but you can connect with the Colorado Trail and other trail systems, so I’ve heard you can ride upwards of 60 miles and only repeat small sections of trail.

I was thinking I’d like to do a long ride, but Evan downhilled hard on Saturday and I wasn’t feeling top-notch. We ended up having a crew of six and we all agreed a 3 or so hour ride would be ideal. A buddy had a route in mind so we set-off up the road.

Our route was just shy of 20 miles and covered Gashouse > Charlie’s Cutoff > Homestead > Raspberry Ridge > Blackjack > Sandy Wash.

Most of the trails at Buffalo Creek are super smooth, with lots of corners, and are great to cruise on!

Raspberry Ridge and Blackjack were much more technical and climb a bit higher into the rockier section of the area. The views up there were pretty darn amazing though.


Evan and I had never ridden Blackjack which is the new black diamond trail. We helped do some trail work on it a few years ago, so it was cool to see the trail finally completed. For me, it was mostly a hiking trail. I definitely couldn’t ride most of the features. Maybe next time I’ll ride more now that I have seen the trail.


Myself and the other gal that was riding with us were pretty relieved to be off of Blackjack and back on the silky smooth, flowing trails. The descent down Sandy Wash was screaming fast and so flipping fun we never wanted it to end. In my opinion, Sandy Wash and Charlie’s Cutoff are must-ride trails for anyone that doesn’t hate fun.

I did track the ride on Strava, but my phone died at some point. It appears it was near the end of the ride though. The data is kind of confusing because I stopped Strava once my phone was charged at home. It is messed up, so there’s that. Oh wait, I might have just edited it to fix the problem. Hmm. I thought I was savvy.

Post-ride we chowed down and headed to Ikea where I had the best $1 ice cream ever. I almost got another one because it was so delicious. Then we headed to my parent’s house. They fed us delicious homemade meatballs and sauce and I napped. Then we at pie. And then went home. To bed.

Do you rest and relax on weekends or play hard and feel more tired after the weekend? 

Running Streak

Fail. I didn’t get a run in yesterday. I did lots of stuff and am not going to make excuses. I am super bummed that I missed a day, but I am going to get back after it and shoot for 37 out of the 38 days as long as my knee holds up.

Are you participating in the run streak? How is it going?