America’s Birthday

The fourth of July falling on a Wednesday seems a little strange, but we took advantage of the mid-week day off to go on a little adventure and celebrate my birthday a day early.

Cross Country Ride

Our plan was not much of a plan but more of an idea of what we may or may not do. We knew riding bikes was going to be part of it and it was decided pretty last-minute that it would be in the Winter Park/Fraser Valley area.

Not knowing what traffic would be like, we hit the road early, but still later than planned, of course. No traffic. So amazing. We rolled through Winter Park and into Fraser to stop into a local bike/coffee shop, Totally Wired/Rocky Mountain Roastery, and get some trail beta since our efforts to search out the route, directions or a map were unsuccessful.

When we mentioned that we were going to try to ride High Lonesome/Caribou/Strawberry the owner of the shop replied “Do you want me to draw you a map of something way better than that?” to which we responded, “hell yea!”

Directions were given, the map was draw. We were on our way with this guy in hand.

Afraid of getting lost, not in the least bit. Even though I’m a worry wart when it comes to getting lost on rides, I was more confident with this map than a real map because we had detailed markers and way-points. Also, this is not the first map like this we’ve gotten from the same person. He hasn’t failed us yet.

The ride was really incredible. Brand new, barely there trail, great views, and overall just really fun to ride.

The ride was fairly short, even with a minor detour at the beginning we were only riding for about 2.5 hours. When we hit the end of the descent, we opted to boogie to the car, eat, and head to Winter Park to ride DH rather than riding more XC.


At Winter Park we caught up with some friends for a few laps and finished off the day with a lap or two on our own. I am getting better and better each time I ride DH. Riding rougher terrain, going faster, cornering better, riding bigger features and building confidence on jumps.

Sleepy Monkey Batch #2 Tasting

I was getting anxious for a Sleepy Monkey near the end of the day, so we headed to the car. I was excited for my first full beer since the end of my 30-day challenge. Evan and been patiently waiting to have  Sleepy Monkey for my birthday. It was just as delicious as the first batch Evan brewed!

We took our Sleepy Monkeys down to the creek and chatted with some other folks that we’d met up with and enjoyed the cool fresh water. Please notice Evan’s new Chacos. He is very excited about them and I was jealous of them when he could walk through the water with them on and I had to go barefoot because my flip-flops weren’t up to the task.

Dinner: DeAntonio’s Pizza!

After a couple of beers, I had pizza on the brain (when don’t I though?). Not just any pizza. The best pizza in all of Colorado. We hit up DeAntonio’s for my somewhat traditional birthday meal.

We scarfed some super amazingly fresh garlic knots and an unpictured antipasto salad, which was a highlight of the meal.

We’ve never ordered a full pizza before so we gave it a shot and got a pepperoni pizza. It was delicious, but not as thin and doughy as the slices. Maybe if we ordered a larger size it would have been? Still no real complaints from me. I loved it.

With full bellies and tired muscles we hit the road back home. Luckily, no traffic again! We were beat by the time we got home and could barely even change into our pajamas for bed.

Yesterday was a perfect day! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday, um, and America’s Birthday. Looking forward to continuing my birthday celebrations today!

How was your 4th of July? What did you do? Are you working the rest of the week?