Amazingly Delicious Treats

Okay, so maybe these “treats” aren’t that amazing, but to me they were pretty freaking awesome and are both fairly new to me.

Please meet Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter. A little pricey, but so delicious. I bought this a week or two ago and spread it on a warm crumpet and almost died and went to Heaven.


Evan came home with a couple of sample bags of Pop Chips on Tuesday evening and he let me have the bag of Salt and Vinegars to bring for lunch yesterday. I am surprised that they made it until lunch. I couldn’t stop thinking about trying them all morning. Now, I can’t stop thinking about how delicious they were. In my opinion they had better taste than regular potato chips, I got more in the little bag, and they were only 100 calories and way less fat! Score.I didn’t really get to try this treat, but in two weeks I will get to try Batch #2 of Evan’s Sleepy Monkey. We bottled it last night and I cannot wait to give it a taste. It is one of my favorite IPAs, so hopefully this batch will be as good as the first!



Yesterday was one of those days where I bounced out of bed without thinking twice about it and was excited to get my workout in. I went to the rec center for the first time in ages and burned through my new circuit workout. It is super intense and super short. I love it. While I was there I also mixed in some laps on the indoor track to get my mile in for the Summer Running Streak.


After work I met up with a friend and went for a road bike ride. It was super windy and we, of course, didn’t notice it on the way out on our out and back ride, but it was extremely noticeable on our way back. It was like pedaling through mud. We weren’t pushing too hard and ended up covering about 22 miles in a little over an hour.