So, who am I?
I’m Stephanie, I am 26-years-old, I live in Golden Colorado with my boyfriend, Evan, where we have a tiny kitchen full of delicious food and a garage full of outdoor gear. I have been a busy-body since I was a youngster, filling my days with playing outside on the family farm in Upstate New York, jumping on my beloved trampoline, doing gymnastics competitively and swearing that I DO NOT cook. Nowadays, I’m an outdoor enthusiast, runner, cyclist of all forms, skier, traveler, foodie and beer snob. I also now LOVE cooking. I cannot spend enough time outdoors, taking in the fresh Colorado mountain air, cooking (and more importantly eating) delicious, unique and fresh food, and enjoying the company of good friends and family.

And why Fear Of Bananas?
I hate bananas. I have an irrational fear of them. I don’t like being around them. I (until recently) refused to touch them. I hate the smell. The texture makes me gag. I won’t eat anything made with them. Nope, not even banana bread. I hear it’s delicious, but no thanks. I hesitate to eat yellow candies for fear that it is banana flavored. I have even so far as to put on health forms that I’m allergic to bananas. I sometimes refer to bananas as the devil fruit. I know, that might be taking it a bit too far.

I know they’re good for me, but I just cannot do it. I have had this complex ever since I was a youngin’. No banana baby food as a baby even. No real explanation that I can tell. Well, except for that time in the summer of 1996, but I already hated them. Long story short on that. I was 12. I wanted to stay up late to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics so I snuck a whole bunch of coffee. Bad idea. I felt awful. Mom made me eat a banana. One tiny bite and it was all over the floor.

Why the Blog?
Over the past several years, my love for cooking has grown tremendously. I’m no chef, I have no official culinary training, but I do love to experiment with new foods, create healthy meals and try new things. Also, over the past two years, I have begun taking running a bit more seriously. I’ve run five marathons total and am looking forward to my next. Over the course of training, I’ve had my ups and downs and more than ever realized how much the food and nutrition I put into my body effects my performance, how I feel, and recovery. I began tracking what I ate, researching nutrition, and changing up my diet to maximize my performance, without being to strict or using artificial substances or supplements. I have seen some significant results in how I feel when I’m running, biking, and being active.

Aside from eating and running, I do tons of outdoor activities and go on lots of adventures. There is rarely a weekend when I’m home. I take pictures and tell my friends and family about these adventures, but after a few days or a week, there is no record of the amazing things I saw, challenges I faced, or experiences I had, except for in my memory and let’s face it, that won’t last forever.

This blog is where I make an attempt at keeping track of what I eat , what activities I do, the adventures I go on, the challenges I face and ultimately the experiences I have that shape who I am.

Thanks for stopping by!